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What's up y'all?  So....   I'm doing good...   Still dealing with my lawsuit.   Gonna hand him his ass.  anywho...   So, I'm in the beginning stages of looking for a new location now.  I've just started some conversations.  I'm looking for partners and investors.  If you're interested hit me up.  Before these lawsuits from the landlord we experienced 5 consecutive years of growth during this international global recession.  Not bad for a first business startup.  I'm excited for the future.  If things pan out the way I hope hopefully I can own the property and the business instead of just the business.  Stay tuned.



I will provide an update soon.  Too much to explain now. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the patronage.  Smiles is not finished.  We will open another Smiles again.  Until then, stay tuned.  We are still dealing with lawsuits with the Landlord.  We are on the third lawsuit.  When these issues have been resolved I will provide more detailed info.