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Updated 11/20/13

    Check in from time to time to see if you have the skills we are looking for.  Smiles will try to do its best to keep our employees the best paid and the most happy.  We have confidential systems in place to assure you will enjoy working at Smiles.  We value our staff, and realize Smiles is nothing without them.   

    Below are some of the staffing requirements we will need when we reopen.  If you think you or someone you know may be interested in a job, please email a resume including references and a picture, not necessarily a headshot.  We are always looking for exceptional staff.  If we don't have a positional available for you presently, we will keep your resume on file.  Thank you.

  • Bartender - All bartenders will be trained in store and will be required to complete a drink test.  Bartenders will be paid minimum wage.  Bartenders will be required to know the proper set up, teardown, and presentation procedures amongst other things. 


  • Hostess - You will answer phone calls, take reservations and guest list information, greet and seat customers, ask customers to fill out contact information, hand out business cards to passersby, handle social networking, take pictures of guests, hand out food samples and more.


  • DJ - I am looking for someone who is willing to play music from Smiles music selection (70%), and (30%) your selection.  You will have the opportunity to share music with me that you suggest.  You will also handle the playing of video clips, digital pictures and essentially all audio, video and lighting controls.  You will also be required to promote the nights you DJ.  


  • Promoters - Smiles is looking for experienced promoters.  Promoters should have established street teams, an abundant database of contacts, email addresses, networks, a design team, solid DJs...  I am looking for someone or a team that can guarantee sales for a particular evening and in return I will give them a percentage.  If interested come by to discuss in person.


  • Go Go Dancers - Send in a couple pictures in gogo attire, if interested we will call you back and schedule an audition. Typically, we use three gogo dancers a night with two dancing at a time and one rotating in for three hours.  Compensation will be discussed in private.



  • Bouncers / Doormen - Must be friendly and smiley!  Having Brazilian Jui-Jitsu skills is a definite plus.  We want non-aggressive people who are willing to take a hit before dishing one out.  Doormen will be required to wear suits.  Must be willing to enforce the dresscode. Wages will be negotiated in private.


  • Cocktail Waitresses & Food Servers - I'm looking for some people who are good looking, experienced, efficient, clean, honest, friendly, and care about the quality of our food.