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"A little bit of something for everyone "

 After 6 Years, Smiles Nightclub is looking for a new location.  We had an uncooperative landlord, so we're going to have to move.  Check out the update tab for further info.



Our Mission 

    Smiles is the premium spot to kick back, enjoy dinner and a drink, have fun and then rock out!  We are looking to provide something unique and really bring you a restaurant / bar / nightclub that has yet to be seen.  We strive to bring you a package that really isn't available anywhere else.  We play kick-ass, classic, high energy, jamming tunes of all different types, from all over the world, and from many eras (50's up to the present, depending on the night)!  We serve the best cocktails around, and have top quality, affordable, tasty meals.  

        We have made and will continue to make a concerted effort to bring people together.  Our menu will always feature mixed cuisine.  A little Mexican, a little shell fish, some steaks, some Asian dishes, some vegetarian, some French, some traditional American, some Italian.  The music we feature will attempt to accommodate a wide variety of persons of different ages and different backgrounds.  Our promotions strive for mixed diverse crowds.  

    One of the things that separates Smiles from its competitors is its diversity with regards to entertainment and offerings.  One night we have a game night, another a comedy show, next night we have karaoke, then live music...  The heart and soul of Smiles is dancing, DJs & Gogos but we have a full dinner menu featuring fresh, affordable, tasty popular dishes.  We bring the best entertainment options available out there and put them under one roof.  We have our mini-VIP room to accommodate parties up to 15 people right next to the dance floor and then we have our larger VIP Room that can accommodate up to 45 persons with private bar, private entertainment, pass key entrance, camera viewing of the entire club, lounge atmosphere and a private discrete entrance to accommodate our celebrity guests. Please check out events tab for a look at what we have going on each night.

    Smiles will use a percentage of its profits in programs that will benefit the community.  Specifically, Smiles will: team up with established charities; finance and develop programs to feed the hungry; maintain a caring relationship with our neighbors, try to participate in local community events and provide an environment that promotes discussion. 

    For those that have patronized Smiles I would like to send out a big Thank You, and for those that have yet to come to Smiles, I would like to send out a warm welcome to come see what a restaurant / bar / nightclub taken to the next level is like.


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Last modified: February 08, 2016

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